Two-Factor Authentication

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A password is like a key to your front door. If someone has the key, they can get into your home and access your things. You could say the key is a single "factor" in your home security. If that factor fails, it's bad news. One way around this issue is to have two factors in place. This way, if someone has a key, it's not enough. To get in, they need a code for your door lock. It's this combination of two factors that leads to greater security.

This idea is called Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and it's a powerful and free way to keep your accounts secure. Watch the video below to fully understand two-factor authentication:

Today, most popular websites offer two-factor authentication. This is a feature that does not come with additional costs and is easy to set up. Once it's in place, you'll log in to the website with your password and a temporary code comes from an app, or is sent to you as a text message.

Learn more about two-factor authentication for these popular websites:

The combination of a strong and unique password along with two-factor authentication is a great start for keeping yourself safe and secure online. But account security is only part of the puzzle. Next we'll transition to the major threats and how to avoid them. Click below to keep learning.