Secure Passwords

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We'll start with security. This means ensuring that computers and devices are protected from hackers, viruses, and more.

As an internet user, probably use passwords every day. By learning a few big ideas, you can be sure that your passwords are difficult for others to guess or access. Watch:

Password Managers

Password managers are a type of software on your device or computer that generates new passwords for each location you visit and remembers them for you. Usually, you'll have a single "master" password that you use to open the application and retrieve your passwords on an as-needed basis. Because the software keeps track of everything, you don't need to remember anything but the master password. Popular and trustworthy password managers include:

The biggest risk is that passwords can be guessed, often using computers. If that happens hackers may be able to access your personal, financial, and health information. To avoid this risk, please follow these basic rules of the road:

  • DO NOT use words that can be found in the dictionary
  • DO NOT use words or numbers that relate to you like telephone numbers, addresses, birthdates, pet names, etc.
  • DO NOT write down your password in a public location


  • DO use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters along with a combination of upper and lower case letters
  • DO create different passwords for each website you visit
  • DO use a password manager
  • DO change your passwords often 

A strong and unique password is helpful, but there are more levels of security that prevent problems even if your password is guessed by hackers. Click on the section below to learn about Two Factor Authentication. ⬇️