Overtime and Shootouts

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In the World Cup, a winner must be declared once the tournament is reduced to 16 teams. This means that no match can end in a tie score, or "draw".

If the 90 minute match ends with a draw, the match goes to "extra time" or overtime. If the score is still tied, a shootout decides the winner.

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  • In soccer tournaments, matches cannot end with a tie score or "draw". A winner must be declared.
  • If a normal match ends with a draw, two 15 minute halves are played. This is not a "sudden death" situation.
  • If the match is still tied, a shootout is used to declare the winner.
  • 5 players from each team are selected along with one goalkeeper.¬†
  • Each player shoots one penalty kick, alternating by team¬†(5 rounds).
  • If one team has more goals at the end of the kicks, that team wins.
  • If the shootout score is tied after the first 5 rounds, it goes to sudden death.
  • In sudden death, the first team to score while the other team misses is declared the winner.
  • A single point is added to the winner's final match score.